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Amazon Tips – How to deal with Amazon’s “All-in-favor-of-the-customer” Policy

Amazon is currently the biggest online marketplace in the world. It is dominating the European and US market and it is now in the process of penetrating the Asian market trying to overcome local marketplace like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Aliexpress etc.

It is generating the largest volume of sales and attracting most of the online buyers. Customers tend to buy from Amazon not only due to its huge product portfolio and low prices but because of the security and power the platform offers to them. The feel that nothing can go wrong with a purchase from Amazon because of its very strict Customer Policy.

This is great and customers must feel confident and secure when they perform online purchases but very often buyers take advantage of Amazon’s only in favor of the customer policy or they have requests blaming the seller when the seller did nothing wrong.

Amazon’s A-Z Claims is a powerful tool for buyers and in most of the cases these claims are decided in favor of the customer. There are though ways to overcome this as a seller and make sure that you are not blamed when you performed everything as you should.


The way of achieving this is:

  • Be professional
  • Make sure you give yourself the proper fulfillment time. Amazon automatically adjusts your shipment delivery time based on your geographical location and the marketplace you are trading. Rarely though the provided time is realistic. Track your shipments and figure out what is the real shipping time required for your products to be delivered. If the lead time provided by Amazon is not adequate use the Fulfillment tool in your favor giving yourself enough time to perform within the provided time-frames.
  • Use a tracked shipping service. This will enable you to argue at any time a customer makes a complaint about late delivery with proofs that the item was shipped when it should have and that it has been delivered within the promised time-frame.
  • Communicate with your customers and respond quickly. Try to be in constant communication with your customers and make them communicating you first before making a complaint. You can achieve this by sending a message yo every customer when an order is placed thanking them for the purchase and letting them now that they can communicate you anytime for any problem or complain.
  • Keep Records. Keep a record of all the communications with customers. This will enable you to provide the required proofs to Amazon when a complaint is placed.
  • Follow the complaints. When an A-to-Z claim is filled against you make sure you communicate with Amazon providing them all the proofs that you performed within the regulations and requirements of the platform. If you are sure you are right even if the claim is initially closed against you chaise it further. If you can provide the proper documentation and proofs it will close in favor of you at the end.

These are some of the things you can do in order to make sure that you do not loose money and that you maintain a high quality Amazon Seller account. More Amazon tips will follow.

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